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The Beginning of The Vineyard 

Barry E. Knighton founded the Vineyard Foundation on July 28, 2022. The dream starts when Barry traces his root back to Ghana. As a social worker, Barry shares a passion for local and community outreach and international humanitarian and social work. This passion led to a desire to travel to Africa for missionary work. In 2017, Barry experienced the journey of a lifetime when he traveled to Ghana through Projects Abroad, one of the world's largest organizations that provide opportunities for international volunteering, educational travel, and internships for students. Through this experience, Barry taught at New Life Nungua International School & Orphanage in the Greater Accra Region in the capital city of Accra, teaching courses in English, Citizenship, and Peer Pressure.

 In 2019, Barry returned to Ghana for his second social work experience partnering with Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in the Greater Accra Region, serving as Peer Advocate in HIV/AIDS. Also, he worked with local schools in disseminating first aid and medical care for students. After Barry visited Ghana, Mr. Knighton had an idea of supporting the Ghanaian community. As a result, the organization has been in several voluntary programs, such as HIV/AIDS.

 In 2019, Mr. Knighton returned to Ghana and partnered with two innovative local non-governmental organizations. The first organization is the FaFali Organization (formerly the Ngorli Organization) and the Western Legon area of the Greater Accra Region. They were founded by US Army Veteran and humanitarian Raymond Amezado; this organization empowers the youth of Africa with education, training, and character – enabling them to act upon their future and enriching their local communities and Africa. Through Raymond's leadership and current CEO, Rev. Senyo Sosu, this organization has shaped community outreach, literacy, and educational initiatives not just in the United States and Ghana but the United Kingdom. The second organization is the Reliance Charity Foundation which supports Giving exceptional needs to keep the less privileged in deprived communities, sustainable development, and assistance that meet their current demands. Led by Eric Owiredu and a group of college students, this organization has led the way in mass feedings and support for orphanages. Like FaFali, it has become a leading organization in community development in Ghana using faith-based principles.

During this project, Mr. Knighton presented at a leadership conference for providing community outreach development and training for non-governmental organizations and partnered with Jerremmites International School in character education and leadership development for middle school students. From working with these organizations, Mr. Knighton wanted to create a better system for partnering with local non-governmental organizations and creating opportunities for social work service learning and mission travel to Ghana. In 2022, Mr. Knighton completed his fourth return to Ghana, representing the inaugural trip of the newly formed Vineyard Foundation to provide leadership development and community training for non-government organizations, as well as outreach to area schools to improve literacy and educational initiatives.


Organizational Motto: “We don't know the sun by how bright it shines, we know it by how bright it makes the world shine. If you want to shine, be the light in someone's life.”  ― Abhijit Naska

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Africa Children.8.29.2022.jpg


Our mission is to provide leadership development and community training for non-governmental organizations, as well as outreach to area schools to improve literacy and educational initiatives demonstrating God's love.


Changing our world one leader at a time.

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